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Typical applications in the field of biological photon picosecond laser
Article source:未知      Author:admin

Picosecond laser as a new energy source, has a picosecond level ultrashort pulse width, repetition frequency adjustable, high pulse energy, etc, in biomedical, optical parametric oscillation, biological microscopic imaging, and other fields have more and more widely used, has become increasingly important in modern biological imaging and analysis system for tool.



With the continuous development of laser technology, the research of interaction between laser and organism, laser is widely application in biomedical. Especially the picosecond laser has been widely applied in biological analysis of imaging and optical measurement, and other fields, including: fluorescence microscope, CARS, imaging, medical diagnosis and treatment, STED microscopy imaging, etc.

The SPARK LASERS picosecond laser in typical applications in the field of biological photon

1. SPARK LASERS series of ANTARES picosecond laser based on its high average power, peak power, narrow linewidth, up to 80 MHz, compact volume, pulse repetition frequency optional, wavelength, optional (green, uv) wait for a characteristic, has the following main application direction:

OPO pump: using the peak power and narrow linewidth

CARS imaging: usually use OPO


Fluorescence microscope; FLIM, FRET

Nonlinear optics, continuous generator

Semiconductor testing


Case: uv picosecond laser used for cancer diagnosis

355 nm picosecond laser in terms of fluorescence imaging, especially in early diagnosis of cancer is very attractive.


2. The SPARK LASERS series ALTAIR femtosecond LASERS based on the following features are mainly applied in multiphoton microscopy imaging and light in the field of genetic.

Main features:

Peak power based on ultrashort femtosecond pulse (< 150 fs)

1030 nm, 1064 nm wavelength

High repetition rate is as high as 80 MHZ

Average power up to 5 W

Simplify the volume

Free maintenance

Fiber laser is stable and reliable

Other wavelength, repeat frequency are optional


3. High power green/red picosecond laser

Main features:

Optional wavelength: 515-515 nm, 560-750 nm

50-200 ps pulse duration (which can realize more short pulse)

Small laser head

Power up to 5 W

Can realize various repetition frequency up to 80 MHZ


STED microscopy imaging

Fluorescence microscopic imaging



4. High energy laser SIRIUS and VEGA



Mw peak power

Short picosecond pulses (< 100 ps)

Simplify the volume

High cost performance



Picosecond laser instead of nanosecond laser can improve treatment process

The tattoo removal: 532 nm and 1064 nm can produce outstanding results

Skin care

Pigmented lesion removing



SPARK the picosecond laser LASERS series ALTAIR VEGA, ANTARES, SIRIUS and femtosecond laser based on its ultra short pulse and high pulse energy and high power, can be widely used in biological microscopic imaging and medical diagnosis, etc.